Cobb County Government

Educational Courses We Offer

The following courses are offered without charge to Cobb County residents.

  1. Neighborhood Watch Program - Our goal is to educate members of a community about crime, criminal patterns, and what to do if you are a victim, or a witness to a crime. The neighborhood is then organized into a system of observers trained in “watch” procedures. This program lasts approximately 1 hour and begins a continuing liaison with the Crime Prevention Unit. Neighborhoods will need to have at least 50% of homes participating to establish the Watch Program.

    Citizen Awareness Program - Brochure
    Citizen Awareness Program - Guidelines for Block Captains

  2. altBusiness Watch - This program is an adaptation of the Neighborhood Watch Program designed for stores in shopping malls and complexes. The Crime Prevention Unit helps the mall management train the tenants of the mall. This program was recently launched by the Cobb County Police Department’s Crime Prevention unit. The program is aimed at training business owners, managers, and employees in recognizing and reporting suspicious or criminal activity.

    Cobb County businesses are encouraged to sign up for the Business Watch program and become linked with others in the business community who share information regarding potential threats to their business, employees, or customers.

  3. Business Assessment - A Crime Prevention Officer will inspect your business and assess your risk of burglary, patron safety and employee safety. There are many suggestions and considerations we can make which may increase the safety of your business.

The Crime Prevention Function is ready to assist you. Please call 6-8 weeks ahead to avoid scheduling conflicts. For information on any of our programs contact the Cobb County Police Department Crime Prevention Function at 770-499-4134.