Cobb County Government

Support Units

Community Education (Crime Prevention)

Community Education conducts crime prevention seminars and training, and coordinates similar activities conducted by the precincts and special units.


Internal Affairs Unit

This unit investigates the background status and conducts other hiring requirements for new personnel. The unit investigates and/or refers complaints concerning possible policy or rules violations by members of the Police Department. Non-rated sworn officers assigned to this unit are designated as Investigators. Rated officers will maintain their respective rank designations.


Public Information Office

The Public Information Office is the primary point of contact for the dissemination of information from the Department to the media and general public.


Ranger Unit

The primary mission of the Ranger Unit is the enforcement of state laws and Cobb County Ordinances on Cobb County Park properties. The Ranger Unit is also responsible for patrol on the Army Corp of Engineers Property, The Silver Comet Trail,and at other installations and locations at the direction of the Chief of Police. The Ranger Unit is equipped with a wide variety of vehicles such as motorcycles, bicycles, ATV's and 4-wheel drive vehicles to perform off road patrols.


Recruitment Unit

The Recruitment Unit actively seeks potential sworn employees for the Police Department through public information presentations. The unit consists of sworn officers.


Reserve Unit

The purpose of the Reserve Unit is to supplement the full-time police force to enhance law enforcement service to the citizens of Cobb County. The Unit consists of both volunteer officers and part-time officers who are former full-time Cobb County Police Officers who have resigned or retired in good standing with at least fifteen (15) years of service. Normally, Reserve Officers are assigned to administrative duties, however, they may be assigned to any patrol duty as well.


Special Projects Unit

The unit is responsible for accreditation and certification management, policy development, and conducting planning and research. The unit provides administrative support to other components of the Department when requested to do so by the Chief of Police or his designee.