Cobb County Government

What a deal: Comparison shows public price benefits

Coupon clipping can save money, but Cobb homeowners can discover bigger values if they look at the county services they receive from their taxes.

The annual property tax per capita of a Cobb resident is $347.87, not including school or city taxes, according to the county finance office. This is roughly equal, or less, than the cost of a round-trip domestic plane ticket.

The total includes the following services and more:

County Department of Transportation workers take care of road maintenance and the airport at the yearly cost of $18.84. This compares favorably to the cost of a single oil change.

Public Safety, to include police, animal control and school patrols, costs $57.34 per year. Compare this to a single tank of gas for a mid-sized car.

For just $20.94 annually — less than the typical cost of a minor league baseball ticket with a hot dog and a drink — the Cobb Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs Department provides its services throughout the county.

All of the county library services are provided for $11.07 a year, about the cost of a new paperback book. Meanwhile, it costs $48.16 to run five court systems and 11 associated departments, which stacks up well compared to 15 minutes of billable time with an attorney.

Cobb County’s Community Development Agency is able to handle planning, business license, zoning, code enforcement, building inspections and erosion control for an average of $7.38 per capita. A homeowner could spend more on a box of nails.

The services and requirements completed by the Tax Commissioner and Tax Assessor’s Offices cost $10.16. This value is only slightly more than a book of first class stamps.



The Cobb and Douglas Health Department takes care of thousands of residents each year at a cost of $3.30 – substantially less than the price of a typical bottle of aspirin.

While fire and emergency services use a majority of the tax bill, the actual cost per capita is only $104.11 to provide firefighters with the best equipment and training. This seems like a small price tag when contrasted with the expense of outfitting the average home with smoke detectors.

Likewise, one can compare the cost of a few months of service by a home security system to the $58.05 it takes for the Sheriff’s Office to maintain the jail, other detention facilities, as well as civil and criminal court services.

For more information about Cobb County services, go to the Web site and watch government access channel Cobb TV.