Cobb County Government

Tax exemptions require applications

Homeowners have until April 1, 2013 to apply for Homestead Exemptions for the 2013 tax year. Applications must be received or U.S. postmarked by the deadline to affect the 2013 tax bill. A metered postmark is not accepted as proof of timely mailing. Applications not received or U.S. postmarked by the deadline will be applied in the following tax year.

The applicant must occupy the property and their name must appear on the deed in order to qualify. Homeowners must apply for all exemptions for which they are eligible; exemptions are automatically renewed thereafter unless there is a change in ownership or eligibility. Homeowners must notify the Tax Commissioner’s office if they are no longer eligible for an exemption. It is not necessary to reapply if the home has been refinanced. New property owners will be mailed a tax exemption brochure after the purchase.