Cobb County Government

Modern county maps made mobile


Checking property information has become even easier in Cobb County, thanks to a new mobile service being offered free to the public. Information Services staff developed new geographic information system mobile maps for obtaining parcel and zoning information.

These maps, which have been available for many years on the county Web site, are now accessible using smart phones or tablets.

"Before this…if someone wanted to access our data, they had to be physically at their computer," Cobb County GIS Manager Jennifer Lana said.

Now, home buyers, real estate agents and developers can easily look up information about a property while still at the location. They can look up tax assessment information, zoning classifications and the county municipal code.

Lana said a mobile device’s ability to locate itself on a map even allows a person not familiar with the area to find what parcel they are looking at, along with its detailsalt.
"It actually provides more access to people who are new to the area," she said.

The mobile maps feature is available at no cost and compatible with both Android and Apple iOS devices.

Cobb Chairman Tim Lee said the new services are good examples of how the county uses the Web to provide the public with easier access to services at a lower cost.

"While we always sought better, more cost-effective ways of doing things, recent years have caused us to redouble our uses of innovation and adaptation," Chairman Tim Lee said. "We have found ways to continue and even improve our level of services in the face of necessary budget cutbacks and declining revenue."

To run the mobile maps, users may visit the county’s GIS Web page at and scan the QR codes or launch the maps by clicking on the links. For more information, contact

Likewise, many of the county’s existing Web sites are updating their looks and services. The Cobb County Tax Commissioner’s Office recently launched its new Web site and IVR payment system. When you visit, you will see a brand new look.

The new Tax Commissioner site also supports mobile technology for smart phones and tablets, provides self-service abilities such as online address changes and a payments portal for taxpayers with quicker updates of payment transactions. Convenience and transaction fees charged by the payment processor have been lowered. Feedback and comments are welcome through the Web site

By spring, the main site,, will have a new design and improved navigation.

"We are here to help you and these are just a few of the ways we do that," Lee said of the new features.