Cobb County Government

1924 - 1949


The Cobb County Police Department was established with the appointment of two officers who worked directing traffic. They occupied a small office in the basement of the "old" courthouse, on the square in Marietta.




The Police Department was issued its first police vehicle, a Dodge touring car.




During the 1940’s, the county owned two 1940 Ford Sedans. Cobb County was growing with industry, population, and especially traffic.

Law Enforcement centered around "moonshine" whiskey.

In 1940 the population had passed 40,000 people and the Police Department had grown to six officers.




In 1945, Esmer Ward, the senior officer for the Police Department, was appointed the first Chief. He served from 1945-1949.

A one-way transmitter provided radio communications. The officers had to find a phone for additional information.




A two-way radio system consisting of a base station and seven mobile radio units were purchased and installed.

John Lee becomes Chief of Police and serves from 1949 to 1953.