Cobb County Government

1950 - 1969


The county population has passed 62,000 people and the Police Department has grown to eight officers.




Ed Hunter becomes Chief of Police and serves from 1953-1956.




Cecil Holt becomes Chief of Police and serves from 1956-1958.




New blue uniforms were acquired for the department, which replaced the black uniforms previously worn. The new uniform consisted of sky blue pants, a white shirt and a bus driver type hat.




Amos Bates becomes Chief of Police and serves from 1958-1965.




Cobb County now has hundreds of miles of paved roads and is hard pressed to keep up with vehicular traffic.

A two-man motorcycle unit was formed.




By 1960 the county population was 114,000 people and the Police Department had twenty-seven officers. Shortly after midnight on June 18, 1960, Lt. John Hood responded to a call concerning drag racing on State Highway 120 east of Marietta, known today as Roswell Rd. With emergency lights and siren operating, Lt. Hood's patrol car crested a hill on Roswell Road and was hit head on by one of the two racing vehicles. An 18 year old was driving the vehicle on the wrong side of the road and traveling in excess of 100 miles per hour when he hit Lt. Hood. The teenage driver died instantly however, Lt. Hood struggled to live for another seven days. On June 25, 1960, Lt. Hood died from his injuries. He was 69 years old and one month away from retirement.




Two additional motorcycles were added to the Motorcycle Unit, bringing the total to four.




E.H. Burrus becomes Chief of Police and serves from 1965-1972.

New uniforms were issued which consisted of a white shirt, black tie, light blue pants and bus driver style hats.

Two more motorcycles were added bringing the total to six.

The bus driver type hats were replaced with the Stetson style hats similar to what is worn today.

During this time the county was divided into five patrol areas. A substation was set up in the southern portion of the county at the library on Gordon road.




In September, as the result of a serious accident involving Officer W.L. Moss, the Motorcycle Unit ceased operations.

The Police Department moved to the second floor of the Public Safety Building, located on the square in Marietta.