Cobb County Government

Judicial Citizen Review Panels (Panels)

Children who are in the temporary custody of the Department of Human Resources, Division of Family and Children Services are in need of a permanent, loving and safe home. The Court will have issued an order designed to reunify the child with family, setting out certain goals and objectives to be reached by parents, caseworkers, etc. to accomplish the needed changes. The Panels work in groups of three to five trained volunteers and meet at the Juvenile Court with parents, caseworkers, counselors, and all other interested parties to review the current efficacy of the order. They consider the progress of the parties in meeting their goals and recommend changes that will make the reunification process more certain. They also flag cases where reunification is not succeeding. This process ensures that a child will not languish in foster care while parents are incapable or unwilling to improve their ability to provide a permanent home for the child. There are fifteen Panels and each meets monthly. Together, they review the cases of approximately 350 foster children in Cobb County.

For more information about Panels contact Michael Figueras at 770-528-2284.