Cobb County Government

Diversion Program

Many good children violate the law experimentally or for other reasons and seem unlikely to repeat that behavior. When they are willing to admit wrongdoing and to accept a reasonable consequence for it, the Court may offer them entry into the Diversion Program. Within the Diversion Program the child and parents will meet with a community based panel of about five volunteers who consider the offense and the offender and craft a recommended sentence to dispose of the case. If the child and parents agree to the recommendation, they enter into a contract with the Diversion Program and the child is assigned to one of the Diversion Program panel members. The assigned volunteer counsels with that child and assists the child to accomplish the requirements of the contract. Once the volunteer certifies that the child has completed the contract the Court will dismiss the child's case and the child will not have a public record. If the child fails to complete the contract the child's case will be referred to a judge.

For more information about the Diversion Program contact Bridget Jones at 770-528-2042.  Volunteer applications are not being accepted at this time.  Please check back in 2018 for an update.