Cobb County Government

Family Treatment Court (FTC)

Jennifer Tillery, LPC, NCC, MAC
Program Coordinator

Family Treatment Court (FTC) is based on a team approach working with dependency cases in which the parents have lost custody of their children as a result of their substance abuse. The goal is to break the cycle of addiction and neglect through monitored service delivery and ultimately reunify the parents with their children. The program consists of a Judge, Coordinator, two Probation Specialists, Family Therapist, Peer Support Specialist, Parent Advocate, Guardian Ad Litem, SAG, DFCS caseworkers, CASA volunteer and a group of treatment providers.


The FTC program began in January 2006. The mothers enter residential treatment at Mother’s Making a Change (MMAC). The fathers in need of residential treatment enter The Extension. They are in treatment a minimum of one year and monitored by a Judge twice a month. In 2010, the Court began a family based program called Celebrating Families. Families come together for a weekly meal and group therapy. In 2014, the program began using an evidenced based curriculum Cognitive Behavioral Intervention-Substance Abuse (CBI-SA). As the name suggests, the curriculum relies on a cognitive behavioral approach to teach participants strategies for avoiding substance abuse. There is a heavy emphasis on skill building activities to assist with cognitive, social, emotional, and coping skill development. The program has found this curriculum beneficial for the participants and outcome of recovery.