Cobb County Government

Juvenile Drug Treatment Court (JDTC)

Kathy Gorrell
Program Coordinator


The Mission of the Cobb County Juvenile Drug Treatment Court is to utilize judicial and community based interventions, for the treatment of high risk youth offenders, with a demonstrated drug/alcohol problem. These services will create safer communities by strengthening families, reducing crime and developing productive citizens.

The Juvenile Drug Treatment Court began in 2002. This is our most intensive level of drug and alcohol treatment and supervision for juveniles. Juvenile Drug Treatment Court is an 18 month, 5 phase program that consists of assessments and evaluations, Individual/Family therapy, group therapy, psycho-educational groups, surveillance, GED (if needed), random drug screens and frequent hearings with the Drug Court Judge. The Drug Court Team consist of a Judge, a Coordinator, a Defense Attorney, a Prosecutor, a Treatment Coordinator, 1 Probation Officer Specialist, and 1 Surveillance Officer. Since 2002, we have served approximately 496 youth along with well over 500 family members.