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Cobb Storm Debris Removal Policy: Cobb County crews cannot remove tree or landscaping debris that occurred on private property. The removal of this debris is the responsibility of the property owner.

Cobb County DOT crews are still working to clear roadways and right of way of debris mostly caused by falling trees during the recent snow storm. Crews will only clear the debris affecting county roads or property. Property owners are asked to call their private disposal company or tree service to have debris removed if necessary.

Be Prepared for Winter Weather


Gang Suppression Program (GSP)

Greg White 
Court Program Administrator - Probation Unit 
Probation Unit

Sharon Mashburn
Probation Supervisor - Gang Suppression Program

The Gang Suppression Program (GSP) was established in Cobb County Juvenile Court in January 1999. The program supervises approximately 40 probationers for 2015 who have been identified or who are suspected to be involved in gang activities. This may also include youth that have close contact with individuals who are identified or suspected to be involved in gang activities. GSP provides daily supervision in the community, school and home. Each probationer is individually assessed to determine his or her level of gang involvement.

In 2015, the Gang Suppression Program (GSP) continued its efforts to supervise juvenile probationers with gang issues. The caseloads, which currently are supervised by three Probation Specialists consists of approximately 15-25 probationers. This size case load allows Probation Officers to maximum their effectiveness in dealing with these difficult cases.

The Gang Suppression Program works cooperatively with the Cobb County Schools and Marietta City Schools Campus Security Officers. They gather and share gang intelligence information to suppress any ongoing gang activities on and off school campuses. In addition, Gang Suppression Specialists work with local law enforcement in an effort to suppress gang activity by participating in county gang sweeps that involve making evening contacts with gang members.

The Gang Suppression Program is actively involved in collecting and monitoring gang intelligence information. The information on gang activity will be used in sharing gang intelligence information with other law enforcement agencies in an effort to reduce gang activities. The Cobb Police gang unit, CAGE, lead monthly gang intelligence meetings and the GSP probation officers participate in those meetings.