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Administration Unit

Joshua Weeks
Court Program Administrator
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Rita Evans
Intake Supervisor
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The Intake unit of the Juvenile Court is comprised of one supervisor, three full-time intake officers, and two part-time intake officers. The Intake Officers handle the juvenile cases from the time the complaint is routed to them to investigate until the dispositional report and hearing are completed.

Many first offenders can be dealt with effectively through an informal process that addresses the complaint without a formal appearance before a judge. The informal programs include the Mediation Program and the Youth Diversion Program. If a case is to be handled formally, the officer will investigate the case by contacting the family, the police officer and the victim. A petition will be drawn and then reviewed and offered for filing by the Assistant District Attorney.

Once a child has been adjudicated delinquent or unruly, the judge will refer the family to the Intake Officer for assessment. A written report regarding the family history, and a recommendation for disposition is prepared by an Intake Officer for the dispositional hearing. That process requires the child and family to work closely with the Intake Officer to help the officer learn what issues caused the child to behave in a manner that brought him or her to the attention of the Court.