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Probation Officers

A key element in assisting youth involved with the Court is probation. Children placed on probation, in most circumstances, will be supervised by a probation officer. Their main responsibility is to ensure that the client is following or abiding by the Court’s order. To accomplish this task officers become familiar with the family situation, school progress, and personal development of the child. They also assist the child in completing conditions of their probation such as community service, school attendance, and completion of groups. In some circumstances officers will perform drug screens on client to ensure they are following the Court’s order. It is important that the probation officer makes face to face contact with clients. Physically seeing a child helps the officer assess their progress on probation and hopefully provides a level of deterrence. By focusing on a broad range of the child’s life, officers can better assist them in completing the Court’s probation order.

Cobb County Juvenile Court’s probation unit provides a variety of options for the supervision of clients. In many circumstances, an officer assigned to their school district will monitor a child placed on probation. These officers develop working relationships with school officials, counselors, and teachers in an effort to provide the best possible environment for the child to be successful. Other options for supervision include the Gang Suppression Program, the CHINS Program, the Alcohol and Substance Use Program, and the Sexual Offenders Caseload. Each of these caseloads or programs provides specialized treatment and rehabilitation for children with specific needs. Providing a variety of options ensures children involved with the Cobb County Juvenile Court are given the best opportunity to complete their probation successfully.