Cobb County Government

Law Interns – Trial Division

Criminal Prosecution Externship/Internship (Student Prosecutors)

The Trial Division of the District Attorney’s Office handles all pretrial and trial matters of indicted and accused felony cases.

This includes arraignments, motion hearings, and trials. Additionally, this division handles the accusation/indictment phase of most cases. The Trial Division Assistant District Attorneys are some of the most notable prosecutors in the State and, in some cases, the nation. Student Prosecutors are assigned to work with a trial team of two Assistant District Attorneys, an investigator, a victim advocate, and a legal assistant. Student Prosecutors will also work closely with victims, civilian witnesses, police officers, courtroom staff, and other Student Prosecutors. The Trial program will prepare you for courtroom work. Whether arguing motions or conducting trials, confidence and experience are essential qualities acquired over time. As a Student Prosecutor, you will be allowed to handle all aspects of the job that the trial attorneys perform daily. The only limits on your experience will be your work ethic and effort.


To participate in a trial internship, you must have completed your second year of law school and meet the requirements for the third year practice under Georgia law.

For more information please, contact:

Assistant District Attorney Brendan Murphy