Cobb County Government


Cobb Storm Debris Removal Policy: Cobb County crews cannot remove tree or landscaping debris that occurred on private property. The removal of this debris is the responsibility of the property owner.

Cobb County DOT crews are still working to clear roadways and right of way of debris mostly caused by falling trees during the recent snow storm. Crews will only clear the debris affecting county roads or property. Property owners are asked to call their private disposal company or tree service to have debris removed if necessary.

Be Prepared for Winter Weather


Safety Planning

Taking time to think about steps to increase your safety and the safety of your children is important, whether you have left, are considering leaving, or are currently in an abusive relationship. You may want to consider calling a victim advocacy agency to speak with a confidential advocate that may assist with safety planning and crisis help, or refer you to an agency that specializes in domestic violence.

If you are leaving an abusive situation consider a safety packing list [PDF].

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