Cobb County Government

Temporary Protective Order

The Temporary Protective Order (TPO) must be filed in the County Courthouse location where the offender lives.

  • There must have been a recent, reported act of physical violence.
  • If the court determines probable cause exists and family violence has occurred the court may order such temporary relief.
  • The other party will be served by the Sheriff Office with the order and within 30 days a new court date will be determined.

In Cobb County you must go to the Superior Court Building to file and complete the application for the Temporary Protective Order.
A liveSAFE representative is available to assist you with the required protective order forms. If the batterer violates the provisions of the order,
he or she can be held in contempt of court and may be arrested.

No contact provision, means "no contact" either direct or indirect is permitted by the offender.

Such "no contact" can be in form of a family member or a friend, in person, telephone, texting, e-mail, Social Media i.e. Facebook, Twitter,
MySpace, Instagram etc. The TPO may also become invalid if you make contact with the battere.

For more help information contact: 770-528-8024

The liveSAFE office is located in the Superior Court Building 3 Waddell Street, 4th Floor, in Suite 402, Marietta, GA 30090.