Cobb County Government

Ordering Police Reports

Victims have a right to a free copy of their Police report. Please contact the responding "Law Enforcement Agency" in the jurisdiction in which the incident occurred.

A request for the report can be made to most jurisdictions in-person.

The following information is necessary to identify the requested report: parties involved, date and location of occurrence, and the report number if available.
You must bring a valid identification card to obtain the report.


The crime incident report is available no later than 48 business hours and the reports are available no later than 5 business days after they are taken.



Cobb County Police Department Important Numbers

HQ Main:
Precinct 1:
Precinct 2:
Precinct 3:
Precinct 4:
Precinct 5:
(770) 499-3900
(770) 499-4181
(770) 499-4182
(770) 499-4183
(770) 499-4184
(770) 499-4185

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