Cobb County Government

Jury Trial Subpoena

If you are in receipt of a Cobb County, State Court "Jury Trial" Subpoenas also referred as an “ON CALL” Subpoena.

Please be advised that you do not have to appear in court unless notified via telephone by our office that this case is officially "CALLED IN" for Trial.


Please Note:

  • The date listed on the Subpoena marks the beginning week for the cases that are called in for trial.
  • Trial weeks may last as little as one week and can last as long as four or more weeks.
  • Please complete and return the postage paid detachable portion of this Subpoena located on the bottom of the Subpoena within 5 days.
  • Please provide a good contact number to be called in for court in the event the case goes to court.

You may also contact our “Victim Notification Unit” via telephone or for automated instructions call 770-528-8556.

For additional information please contact the assigned courtroom Prosecutor on our Judges page.