Cobb County Government


Cobb County Government will open as usual Monday, but everyone is urged to use caution. Cobb and Marietta Schools are closed Monday.

Be Prepared for Winter Weather


Cobb County Agencies

Cobb County Solicitor General’s Office 770-528-8500 (Misdemeanor Prosecution)
Cobb County District Attorney Office 770-528-3080 (Felony Prosecution)
Cobb County State Court Clerk 770-528-1269
Chief Deputy Assistant 770-528-8574
Cobb County Sheriff’s Department 770-499-4600
Cobb County Sentence Enforcement 770-528-6620
Cobb County Legal Aid 770-528-2565
Cobb County Health Department 770-514-2300
Cobb County Family Resources 770-528-2601
Cobb Elder Task Force 770-794-6990
Temporary Protective Order 770-528-8024
Misdemeanor Subpoena Questions 770-528-8556
Cobb County Animal Control 770-499-4136
Cobb/Douglas C. Community Service Board 770-429-5000


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