Cobb County Government


Civil Forms

You may now complete the following forms online! Once you have successfully accessed the document using Acrobat Reader, determine which form fields may be completed on line by moving the visible "hand" with your mouse to the intended field. If a cursor appears, click over the area you wish to complete and begin typing your information. After you complete the desired fields, print the form for filing by mail, eFile, or in person.

All of these forms can be printed in their PDF format by selecting the "print" button in the Adobe Reader window. No information will be saved to any of the forms you input information on. You may see, however, that some information is retained when you return to a form. That information is retained on your computer; it is not saved to the form on our web site.

We do not accept fax filings.

Affidavit for Alias Fifa [PDF]
Must be notarized.

Affidavit for Foreclosure of Personal Property [PDF]
Must be notarized. One original, but 2 copies per defendant to be served.

Answer Form [PDF]

Change of Address - Civil Division Cases [PDF]

Civil Final Disposition Form [PDF]

Dismissal Form [PDF]

Fifa Request Form [PDF]

General Civil Case Initiation and Filing Information Form [PDF]

Notice of Suit for Enforcement of Foreign Judgment [PDF]

Proposed Pre-Trial Order 2018 [PDF]

Summons [PDF]
One original and one copy for each defendant to be served.

Subpoena Ducus Tecum for Attorney Issuance [PDF]

Witness Subpoena for Attorney Issuance [PDF]



Dispossessory Forms

Dispossessory-Summons [PDF]

Dispossessory-Writ-of-Possession [PDF]

Proceeding Against Tenant Holding Over [PDF]
Must be notarized. One original and two copies for each defendant to be served.



Garnishment Forms

Garnishee Answer [PDF]

Notice to Defendant and Defendant's Claim Form [PDF]

Packet for Continuing Garnishment

Packet for Continuing Garnishment for Support

Packet for Garnishment for Financial Institution

Packet for Regular Garnishment