Cobb County Government

Building Directory


Law Library
State Court Conference Room



1st Floor

Clerk's Office
Office of Angie Davis, Clerk
Office of Robin Bishop, Chief Deputy Clerk
Civil and Courtroom Deputies Divisions
Civil Filing Desk
State Court Services, Donna Tschappat, Director
Sentence Enforcement Unit

Division II Traffic Court Courtroom
Courtroom 1A - Judge Eric Brewton



2nd FLoor

Clerk's Office
Traffic, Misdemeanor and Accounting Divisions
Traffic/Misdemeanor Filing
Pay Windows

Division II Traffic Court Courtrooms 
Courtroom 2A - Judge Jason B. Fincher
Courtroom 2B - Judge Bridgette Campbell
Courtroom 2C - Judge Marsha Lake
Courtroom 2D - Judge Henry R. Thompson



3rd Floor

Division I Courtrooms
Courtroom 3A - Judge Jane Manning
Courtroom 3B - Judge John Morgan
Courtroom 3C - Judge Allison Salter
Courtroom 3D - Judge Carl Bowers



4th Floor

Division I Courtrooms
Courtroom 4A - Judge David P. Darden
Courtroom 4B - Chief Judge Maria Golick
Courtroom 4C - Judge Toby Prodgers
Jury Assembly Room