Cobb County Government


Cobb Storm Debris Removal Policy: Cobb County crews cannot remove tree or landscaping debris that occurred on private property. The removal of this debris is the responsibility of the property owner.

Cobb County DOT crews are still working to clear roadways and right of way of debris mostly caused by falling trees during the recent snow storm. Crews will only clear the debris affecting county roads or property. Property owners are asked to call their private disposal company or tree service to have debris removed if necessary.

Be Prepared for Winter Weather



Traffic cases are more serious offenses that involve an accident or require a court appearance. These cases are maintained as part of the Court's official misdemeanor docket. In some instances when certain criteria are met, minor traffic offenses in which an accident occurred are payable in lieu of a court appearance. If required by state law, dispositions of traffic cases are submitted to the Department of Driver Services (DDS) and Georgia Crime Information Center (GCIC).

All cases are scheduled for a Traffic Arraignment. At that hearing the defendant will either enter a plea of guilty or not guilty. A guilty plea may be completed at that time. A not guilty plea will be scheduled for a future trial date.



Court Date

The court date and time are written in section IV on the front of the citation.




If your citation is payable and you are requesting a continuance, please call 770-528-2660. If you have a mandatory court appearance and are requesting a continuance, please call 770-528-1264 prior to your court date for procedural information.



Failure to Appear: $65.00 Fee

A $65.00 rescheduling fee will be imposed for failure to appear at your designated court date and time. Failure to appear for any court appearance could result in a Bench Warrant for arrest of the defendant, a Bond Forfeiture Hearing (if applicable) and/or a Suspension of Driver’s License.



Change of Address

It is the defendant’s responsibility to notify the Court in writing of any change of address. Failure to do so could result in not receiving notification of a court date change, which could result in a bench warrant or license suspension being issued for failure to appear.

Change of Address Form - Criminal Division Cases [PDF]