Cobb County Government

Glossary of Terms

Case Number - The number used by the State Court Clerk's Office to identify and track a case. Multiple citations received together will be included in one case number. Case numbers are assigned by the Clerk's Office 10 days after a citation or series of citations is issued. Case numbers are not found on your ticket.

Citation Number - The number used by the State Court Clerk's Office to identify each citation within a case. This number is pre-printed in the upper right-hand corner of your citation.

Court Case Number - The number used by the issuing police agency to identify citation court cases. The court case number is found on your ticket but is not used by the State Court Clerk's Office to track a case.

Court Date - The date you are scheduled to appear in Cobb County State Court. If a ticket can be paid without going to court, the fine amount must be paid by 8:30 a.m. on the court date. The court date is located in Section IV of your citation.

Defendant Name - The name of the citation recipient.

Offense - The violation committed by the citation recipient.

Offense Date - The date the ticket was issued.

Status - This term is used in displaying citations online to indicate whether payment is due for a particular case number. There are three status types: Open means that payment is due for a case number; Closed means that no payment is currently owed on a case number; In Process means that a payment has been submitted but not yet processed by Cobb County.

Total Amount - The total amount due in a case. If multiple citations are involved, the total amount due will include all citations. If paying online or through the IVR system a convenience fee will be included in the total amount.