Cobb County Government

Annual Action Plan

PY 2017 Action Plan (English) [PDF] PY 2012 Action Plan [PDF]
PY 2017 Action Plan (Spanish) [PDF] PY 2011 Action Plan [PDF]
PY 2015 Action Plan [PDF] PY 2010 Action Plan [PDF]
PY 2014 Action Plan [PDF] PY 2009 Action Plan [PDF]
PY 2013 Action Plan [PDF]  

This document is submitted to HUD as a prerequisite to receiving funds from CDBG, HOME, ADDI, and ESG Programs and emphasizes Cobb County priorities when using these federal grant dollars. The Action Plan for the upcoming grant year is submitted each year to HUD by November 15 and will provide direction for program activities funded during the next year. The plan is developed and administered by the Cobb County CDBG Program Office under the approval and direction of the County Manager and Cobb County Board of Commissioners.