Cobb County Government

Transportation and Air Quality

Measure 35Government Commute Options [PDF]

Clean Air Certificate [PDF]

Employee RideShare Matching Website [PDF]

Transit Cards Agenda Item [PDF]

Clean Air Gold Partners [PDF]

Transit Pass Program Procedures/Policy - DRAFT [PDF]

Transit Pass Program Procedures/Policy - REVISED [PDF]

Smog Free Partnership Plan [PDF]



Measure 36Government Green Fleet Policy [PDF]

Green Vehicles Purchase Policy [PDF]



Measure 37Government No Idling Policy [PDF]

Vehicle Idling Reduction Strategies [PDF]

Vehicle/Equipment Fueling Policy Statement [PDF]



Measure 39Government Alternative Fuels [PDF]

CNG - Fuel Station Billings [PDF]

CNG - Fuel Station Purchase History [PDF]

CNG - Fuel Station History [PDF]



Measure 40Community Complete Streets [PDF]

Complete Streets (Jan. 27, 2009 - Agenda Approval) [PDF]

Complete Streets (Jan. 27, 2009 - Agenda Item) [PDF]

Complete Streets Policy [PDF]



Measure 41 - Community Traffic Signal Synchronization [PDF]

Smart Corridor Pilot Project [PDF]

Inteligent Transportation System [PDF]



Measure 42Community “Safe Routes to School Program” [PDF]

Safe Routes (Feb. 24, 2009 Agenda Item) [PDF]

 Safe Routes Bicycle Flyer [PDF]

Interim Safe Routes to School Plan [PDF]

Interim Safe Routes to School Plan - DRAFT [PDF]

Interim Safe Routes to School Program - Pilot School [PDF]



Measure 43 - Community Bicycle Facilities [PDF]

Community Bicycle Facilities at Cobb County Facilities [PDF]