Cobb County Government


A State License to conduct business as a residential and/or General Contractor is required prior to any permits being issued for such work. Information pertaining to State licenses can be found on the web site of the Secretary of State, at

All individuals in the construction business are required to have a valid occupation tax certificate prior to operating in unincorporated Cobb County.

All contractors with business addresses inside unincorporated Cobb County are required to obtain a Cobb County Occupation Tax Certificate before conducting any business activity. The Occupation Tax is based on estimated gross revenue generated in the State of Georgia annually.

Businesses located outside of unincorporated Cobb are required to register with the Business License Division before conducting any business activity in unincorporated Cobb County. In order to register, a business must complete all application documents and provide a copy of the occupation tax certificate issued to said business from the local jurisdiction.

Any business with a business address outside unincorporated Cobb County, who cannot provide a copy of a valid registration certificate from their local jurisdiction, will be required to obtain a Cobb County Occupation Tax Certificate in order to operate in unincorporated Cobb County.

Contractors required to be licensed by the Secretary of State’s Office must provide a copy of their state certification card in order to purchase any permits or obtain an Occupation Tax Certificate. Contact the Development and Inspections Division at 770-528-2061 for residential permit requirements and 770-528-2071 for commercial permit requirements.