Cobb County Government

2030 Comprehensive Plan

The Cobb County Comprehensive Plan, 2030 Comprehensive Plan: Mapping Cobb’s Future does not serve as a development ordinance, but rather as a growth management guide for unincorporated areas of the county. The plan is separated into two documents, per Georgia Department of Community Affairs standards, the Community Assessment [PDF] and the Community Agenda. The Community Assessment is the data assessment, preliminary analysis, and public participation schedule for the Comprehensive Plan. The Community Agenda  contains the vision, goals, policies, and implementation program portion of the Comprehensive Plan. The Community Agenda is updated annually with minor amendments.

The short term work program, contained within the Community Agenda, is updated every five years. The entire Comprehensive Plan (Community Assessment and Community Agenda) is redrawn using updated demographic, projections, data, and major public participation efforts every ten years.


The Comprehensive Plan:

  1. Identifies needs/trends Cobb may have to address in the next twenty years;
  2. Lists goals and policy objectives to consider in order to realize its vision statement;
  3. Identifies short term projects that could assist addressing a need/trend or in implementing its goals and policy objectives; and
  4. Provides a generalized future land use map which complements the goals and policy objectives and indicates locations for a variety of land uses. A Future Land Use Map [PDF] is available for download, which was last updated in 2009. Parcel specific information is concerning future land use categories is also available on GIS mapping, hosted by the County’s Information Services Department.
  5. FLUM descriptive information [PDF] on the meaning of each is available for download.

2030 Comprehensive Plan-2017 Update Part 1 [PDF]

2030 Comprehensive Plan-2017 Update Part 2 [PDF]