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Board of Commissioners - Work Session 01/25/2011
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Growing A True Hometown Community

Join us as we share the vision for Mableton's future: a walkable, green hometown that will be even better place to live, work and play. This vision is the result of a collaborative effort, building upon our existing community structure. The Create Mableton Plan is guided by the Illustrative Master Plan, which will allow the communtiy to grow incrementally and organically.

Until today, Mableton has developed upon a nicely proportioned street grid around the Church Street ridge and a more organic network of streets moving down the slope towards Floyd Road. The Illustrative Master Plan proposes adjustments and additions to the street network the improve connectivity and blend the formal and organic grid system.

Through a "Form Based Code [PDF]," the Illustrative Master Plan sets the vision for Mableton's future as a town center and helps to support property owners in the community as they act independently to improve their properties. This code is a more flexable, pro-active zoning regulation the improves both public and private space.



Mableton Design Charette

From June 14, 2010 to June 21, 2010 the Mableton community participated in the Mableton design workshop during which a vision for downtown Mableton was created. For a week, residents, businesses, and stakeholders were invited to participate in a "charette" - a design workshop. At these sessions, we identifed specific goals, such as: substantial improvements in the heart of Mableton; how we can incorporate the arts and additional community services into the area; transportation design; locations for resources such as a new elementary school; and how we will grow in decades to come.

The community, along with county staff, elected and appointed officials, other stakeholders, and the city planning team (Duaney Plater-Zyberk & Co), created an Illustrative Master Plan to show the future of this community. The plan will lead to a form-based code (SmartCode) identifying design standards, development criteria and other requirements that will ensure quality and allow developers and elected officials to work together for the long-term good of the community.

The SmartCode is far more flexible than strict, reactive zoning regulations. The new codes are based upon concepts of building livable, welcoming communities that have been refined over generations. There will be specific standards guiding how our streets look, how commercial and residential properties as well as public and private realms interact, and how neighborhoods should incorporate a range of building and housing types along with green space to create walkable neighborhoods. Mableton will become even better – it's your hometown, and these new plans will promote a true sense of community.


What Is Urban Design [PDF]

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Mableton Code Information Sheet [PDF]

Mableton Illustrative Master Plan [PDF]


Adopted Implemetation Plan [PDF] Adopted Code [PDF] Mableton Lifelong Community Report [PDF]