Cobb County Government

South Cobb Implementation Strategy

Study Overview

On April 26, 2011, Chairman Timothy Lee and District Commissioner Woody Thompson assembled a team of Cobb County Government leaders to assist in putting together a comprehensive cross-department strategy and communication tool to help South Cobb develop a clear concise strategy to complement the study efforts completed over the years.

South Cobb is an area of immense promise and opportunity given the area’s superb location, easy access to job centers, and active business and residential communities. The purpose of this report is to take the various efforts that have taken place and fold them into a clear and concise strategy for improving South Cobb quality-of-life.



Study Details

The South Cobb Strategy keys in on three main initiatives that, as separate entities, can impact their local surroundings, but when combined together can have a transformative effect of improving the lives and economic conditions for the community. They include Mableton, the River Line, and Six Flags Drive. Each of these initiatives are in various stages of implementation and there are opportunities through county government, CDBG funding allocations, and the South Cobb Redevelopment Authority that can be leveraged to assist these areas in maximizing their potential.

The three South Cobb Development Nodes (Mableton, River Line, and Six Flags), are like a three legged stool, each is holding its own and together they can create a stable, safe, and reliable place. If these three areas are balanced, then the goals set for each unique character area will be supportive of one another. If any one of these legs is shorter or longer than the others, then the balance of the community will be off and we will lose the symbiotic nature of these areas working together for community change. This report will describe the methodology improvements in each of the South Cobb Development nodes and will identify the efforts currently underway and programmed that will take these from vision to reality.

The document available for download on this page is the culmination of the county’s past efforts and future actions that will serve as the primary basis for preserving, protecting, and enhancing South Cobb’s positive assets, as well as transforming the area’s negative liabilities. In effect, Cobb County is trying to build new market share and improve the lives, spirits, and living conditions of those that reside in these neighborhoods. In addition to this policy document, Community Development will use this as a means to collaborate with the United Way effort to improve education, increase social capacity, and coordinate non-profit organizations to foster community improvements. Together these efforts will leverage public, private, and non-profit capabilities into an area that is in need of revitalization. By taking a holistic approach to community revitalization, the active partners will help to ensure that the mistakes of the past are not replicated. The seeds that will be planted here, with these efforts, will lead to South Cobb growing and prospering into a sustainable community. This is done by improving the lives of the people that live in the area now and setting the stage for new residents and businesses to locate thereafter. There is no better time than now to undertake this effort due to the lull in the real estate market, the subsequent reduction of land prices, and continued community interest and involvement in improving the area’s quality-of-life.





South Cobb Implementation Strategy [PDF]

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