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Cumberland CID Master Plan

Project Update

Due to the recent announcement of the Atlanta Braves relocation, Cobb County and the Cumberland Community Improvement District have decided to put the current CCID Master Plan project on hold.

This announcement could change the planning framework of this area and it is vital for all of us to reassess the scope and goals prior to moving forward to gather public input. This means that all public are being cancelled.




Study Overview

Entirely located within Cobb County, Georgia, the Cumberland Community Improvement District (CID), Georgia’s first CID, is a public-private assessment district in northwest Atlanta. It is the mechanism by which local commercial property owners advance needed infrastructure projects; projects that enhance property values as well as the greater community.

Originally formed in 1988 by business leaders interested in improving access to the highways for the emerging Cumberland submarket, the CID’s initial purpose evolved into a master road plan for the area. Over the years, that original plan expanded to include additional road, streetscapes and beautification projects, bicycle and walking trails, alternate commute programs and services, as well as community planning in partnership with Cobb County.

Rather than funding new projects in their entirety, the CID prefers to leverage local funds by funding preliminary engineering and design. When construction money becomes available from federal, state or county sources, the advanced CID projects are prepared for implementation. Over the past twenty-five years, the CID has leveraged roughly $100 million into greater than $600 million in infrastructure improvements.

As the CID continues to coordinate and partner with Cobb County and GDOT to complete infrastructure improvements, a critical next step is developing a master plan to guide development in the “Cumberland Core Area.” This planning effort will create the basis to encourage development appropriate to complement and connect the existing employment, retail, and residential locations within the Core.

More specifically, the County and CID are interested in creating an illustrative master plan and possible overlay zoning district code as part of a program to spur quality infill development by linking public and private investment in the “Core Cumberland Area,” The CCID and County have been actively working for decades to spur private investment in this area and many community leaders feel that additional tools are necessary to make this happen. The CCID and County are interested in creating a guide for development in this area of Cobb County that will assist the property owners, residents, businesses, and the public-at-large in having a voice in the design of their community. The County and CCID desire an end result that will be effective in encouraging new private sector investment and will be easy to administer and understand.



Study Area

The study area is the area called the “Cumberland Core” as depicted in the Study Area Map available for review in the downloads section of this webpage. The study area contains all properties inside of the Cumberland Boulevard loop, south of Interstate 285.




Study Boundaries Map

Boundary Map



Public Kick-Off [PDF]