Cobb County Government

Mableton Form Based Code

During 2010, Cobb County will be working with residents and property owners in the Mableton Community in an effort to develop a new regulatory tool to assist with redevelopment efforts in the “Old Mableton” area. A form based code is a means of regulating development to achieve a specific urban through the control of physical form primarily, with a lesser focus on regulating land use. Form based codes are a new response to the modern challenges of urban sprawl, deterioration of historic neighborhoods, and neglect of pedestrian safety in new development. Tradition has declined as a guide to development patterns, and the widespread adoption single-use zoning regulations has discouraged compact, walkable urbanism. Form based codes are a tool to address these deficiencies, and to provide local governments the regulatory means to achieve development objectives with greater certainty.

For more information, visit Community Development Mableton SmartCode