Cobb County Government

Demolished Historic Structures

In order to aid in the preservation of Cobb County’s history, the county has sought to mitigate the demolition of historic structures by development. In instances when a historic building has been present on property subject to new development and the building cannot be saved, the county has required developers to properly document the structure before it is demolished. This includes hiring a cultural resource consultant to produce a history of the building and its occupants, along with archival-quality photographs of the building and its setting. The reports have been submitted to the county’s historic preservation planner.



Demolished Historic Structures Inventory Map

The county would like to make these reports available to the public as resources for information and research. Below is a map showing the locations of these buildings. To view the submitted report on a particular building, click on the appropriate label.

dhs map

Beaver Shop Road [PDF]

Benson-Kendrick House [PDF]

Blackwell House [PDF]

Booth House [PDF]

Dabney-Burruss House [PDF]

Floyd Drive [PDF]

James Henry Prather Farmhouse [PDF]

Log Cabin Drive [PDF]

Macland Road [PDF]

New Macland Road [PDF]

Post Oak Tritt Road [PDF]

R.W. Manor [PDF]

The Eargle House [PDF]

The Henry W. Tippens House [PDF]

The John C. Moore House [PDF]

The Reed House [PDF]

The Sanders House [PDF]

Terry-Croker House [PDF]

The Terry Ford House [PDF]

West Sandtown Road [PDF]