Cobb County Government

Protection Through Laws and Ordinances

The continued preservation of neglected and abandoned cemeteries need not be a burden to taxpayers. In Cobb County, a partnership has developed between government officials and the Cemetery Preservation Commission, which encourages residents to understand and preserve these non-renewable cultural resources. State Law O.C.G.A. 36-72, 1 - 16, et. Seq. {Georgia' new cemetery preservation law} was based on the Cobb County Cemetery Preservation Ordinance. It replaced the old cemetery law 36-60-6, which did not sufficiently protect cemeteries nor provide for proper notification of descendants when a burial removal was being considered.

The Cemetery Preservation Commission also plays an important role in the private development process. The Commission reviews all plans, zoning and variance requests, and assists developers in working out creative solutions to ensure that cemeteries can be preserved.

Please consult Cobb County's Official Code of Ordinance (chapter 26) to find out what it has to say about Cemeteries.