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Adoption FAQ


Cemetery ownership, descendant's rights and involvement by concerned citizens are complex issues in present day Georgia Law. Research indicates the adopting group and the property owner/guardian should coordinate their efforts through the CCCPC. The laws must be honored by each party to insure the dignity of the cemetery.

The CCCPC feels this adoption program will restore and preserve our heritage and we look forward to your participation in this endeavor.



What is Adopt-A-Cemetery?

The Adopt-A-Cemetery Program is sponsored by the Cobb County Cemetery Preservation Commission (CCCPC) to involve the public in the preservation of one of our non-renewable cultural resources - our cemeteries.

Cemetery neglect, abandonment and the destruction are widespread. Primarily because families have died off, moved away or the younger generation has limited or no knowledge of the location of the old family/community burial ground. These burial grounds range in size from one grave to several hundred. Some old churches no longer extant have left, as part of their legacy, their cemeteries. Many are neglected and in need of perpetual maintenance.

These cemeteries are not governed by the 1983 Georgia Cemetery Act. Many have been lost to progress, uninformed development, vandalism and the passage of time. This program is designed to preserve our heritage for future generations.



Who can Adopt?

Civic organizations, such as Boy Scouts/Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts/Brownies, church groups, Kiwanis Clubs, Jaycees, high school groups, etc. can adopt a cemetery in their community.



What are the Responsibilities of the Adopting Organization?

The adopting organization will have the responsibility of sustaining a monthly schedule of maintenance to preserve the dignity of the cemetery. In addition, the organization will follow the Preliminary Procedures for Cleaning Non-perpetual Care Cemeteries.



What are the Responsibilities of the Property Owner/Guardian?

The landowner will grant permission for the daylight ingress and egress to the cemetery for the purpose of maintenance, history and visitation.



What are the Responsibilities of the Cobb County Cemetery Preservation Commission?

The CCCPC will determine the owner/guardian of the cemetery and obtain that person(s) permission to clean the cemetery; act as coordinator between the adopting organization and the property owner/guardian; conduct media coverage to inform the public of the program and provide assistance in carrying out the overall plan.



What is the Status of Liability?

The CCCPC, the property owner/guardian and the adopting organization understand that all their activity within the cemetery is strictly on a volunteer basis, and that none of the above named parties are liable for any injuries incurred while working in the cemetery.



What are the Safety Precautions for Volunteers?

All adopting groups will conduct safety meetings with the volunteers to discuss the possible dangers of cleaning a cemetery, such as insect bites, snake bites, poison ivy, etc.



How does an Organization Adopt a Cemetery?

Any interested group should submit a written request to:

Cobb County Cemetery Preservation Commission – Zoning Division
Restoration and Maintenance Committee
191 Lawrence Street, Suite 300
Marietta, GA 30060-1661