Cobb County Government

Adopt-A-Cemetery Rules and Regulations

The Cobb County Cemetery Preservation Commission Requirements:

  1. All adopting organizations must sign an Adopt-A-Cemetery Program Agreement.
  2. CCCPC will have final approval on all cemeteries adopted.
  3. Adopting organizations must perform a general restoration/clean-up once a month November through March and twice a month April through October.
  4. Option to renew agreement after one year.

I - The Cobb Cemetery Preservation Commission will furnish:

  1. Preliminary Procedures for Cleaning Non-Perpetual Cemeteries.
  2. Coordinate removal of litter bags and brush.
  3. Assistance as deemed necessary.
  4. Provide sign after first clean-up.

II - Adopting Organization:

  1. Participants must be at least 6 years of age.
  2. Commercial organizations cannot display any product I.D., address or phone number.
  3. All organizations must be approved for the Adopt-A-Cemetery Program.
  4. Must complete Adopt-A-Cemetery Status Report and forward to the CCCPC after each clean-up.
  5. If adopting organization fails to perform satisfactorily to Adopt-A-Cemetery Rules and Regulations, they will be removed from the program.

III - Safety:

  1. CCCPC will advise and assist with safety as deemed necessary.
  2. The adopting organization will:
    1. Car-pool to cemeteries if possible to keep vehicles to a minimum.
    2. Park vehicles clear of roadway.
    3. Keep work groups to a manageable size.
    4. Provide close supervision of youth groups.
    5. Do not remove any hazardous material.
    6. Stay clear of construction areas.
    7. Hold safety meeting with group prior to clean-up.
    8. Do not clean-up during inclement weather or hours of darkness.
    9. Be aware of possible contact with poisonous plants, stinging insects, fireants and snakes.
    10. Consider all known allergies before participants are allowed to take part in clean-up.
    11. Be aware that alcoholic beverages are prohibited.
    12. Know you are working in a possible hazardous environment and act accordingly.