Cobb County Government

Procedures for Cleaning a Non-Perpetual Care Cemetery

The Cobb County Cemetery Preservation Commission (CCCPC) has adopted the following procedures that must be complied with before beginning work on any cemetery.

  1. The CCCPC must be notified twenty (20) days in advance of intentions by any non-descendant person or group (henceforth named party) planning a restoration/clean-up of a non-perpetual care cemetery. This will allow the CCCPC and the party time to organize the procedures listed below.
  2. The CCCPC will determine the owner/guardian of the cemetery and contact that person(s) for written permission to clean the cemetery. It is recommended that the party become an applicant to adopt the cemetery.
  3. After the CCCPC has reviewed the request, the party and the CCCPC will schedule an on-site meeting to discuss the procedures of the actual clean-up plan. A copy of the procedures will be given to the party. These methods will be adhered to as they are in accordance with state law.
  4. The CCCPC will define the burial boundaries; limitation of clean-up; unusual features such as fieldstone marked graves, brick lined borders, depressions, etc., and trees and brush which may be cleared. The manner in which the trees and undergrowth may be disposed will also be clarified.
  5. After acceptance of the cemetery clean-up plan, the party will submit a schedule indicating the estimated start and completion dates to the CCCPC. The CCCPC will assist, inspect and provide direction for the project.
  6. Upon review and approval of the plan by the CCCPC, the project may proceed. On completion of the clean-up, the CCCPC will conduct a final inspection to insure the area is improved, well marked and no graves or gravesites have been damaged.
  7. The party should submit a written report outlining the project and may include a history of the cemetery and the persons interred therein if desired. This report will become part if the CCCPC’s permanent cemetery file, which will become a reference source.

Upon final approval, the CCCPC will provide the party with official recognition from the Cobb County Board of Commissioners for their part in returning the cemetery to its original state of dignity.