Cobb County Government

Onsite Procedure for Cemetery Clean Up / Restoration

There is to be absolutely no subsurface disturbance at any time within the established boundaries and buffers of the cemetery.

There is to be absolutely no disturbance of any stones whether the are carved headstones or fieldstone markers, brick or stone borders unless directed by and under the supervision of the CCCPC.

Small trees designated for removal will be marked by the CCCPC. This will be done at the first on-site meeting between the parties and be thoroughly explained, understood and agreed upon by all parties.

Methods for removing obnoxious weeds and shrubs will be shown to the clean-up group by the CCCPC. The climbing vines and those with runners will be snipped into short sections and carefully pulled. They will not be yanked in long runners as they can upset a fieldstone or rock/brick border.

Repairs and/or refurbishing of any fencing used to border a cemetery may not be done only upon approval of the CCCPC. No repair, removal, replacement or addition of fences or other means of enclosure will be allowed unless agreement has been reached and permission to proceed has been given by the CCCPC.

Location of graves will be marked so as to avoid damage to them during clean-up.

Please maintain an attitude of respect for those persons who are buried in these cemeteries. Do not sit on headstones or leave paper/food trash scattered.



The following tools, supplies and equipment will be acceptable for use in the cleaning procedures:


  • Leaf Blowers
  • Axes
  • Chain Saws
  • Leaf (broom) Rakes
  • Lopping Shears
  • Hand Trimmers (i.e., rose trimmers)
  • Plastic Bags (for leaf collection)

The following tools and equipment will not be acceptable in any way for the cleaning procedures:

  • Tractors
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Rototillers
  • Trowels, Shovels or Digging Apparatus
  • Steel Tooth Rakes

Do take time to read the inscriptions on the headstones (if there are any there), record the information from the stones and describe the style (square, rectangle, obelisk, octagon, etc.) and material they are constructed from (granite, marble, agate, cement fieldstone, brick, wood, etc.) if you so choose. Lookup the names in the local history and genealogical books available at our county libraries and learn a little about these early residents of Cobb County. Read about the burial customs used during the time of their demise. The CCCPC will greatly appreciate copies of any reports of information gathered. This information will be put on file with the official documentation concerning the cemetery site.

Cemeteries are a non-renewable cultural resource in that we do not have the ability (by law) to pick out a pretty spot or favorite place and start our own family cemetery. We must be interred in an established perpetual care facility. So let’s take care of these unique pieces of history and please take pride in yourself for having cared enough to help those who came before us and started this place called Cobb.