Cobb County Government

Postal, Printing, and Records Services

Records Management/Mail Services is a division of the Information Services Department. The division offers four services: Records, Mail, Printing and Multi-functional Copiers.

Records Services include responsibility for the retention, storage, retrieval, re-file and destruction of official county records in accordance with all federal, state, and county record retention laws, policies, and procedures. Records Management is also responsible for management and retention policies and procedures for official county records. Printing Services are outsourced to a local vendor. The vendor provides high volume black and white/color copier services in addition to bookbinding, folding, and stationery services. Multi-functional Copier Services provide lease of copiers and maintenance. Mail Services provide U.S. Postal Service, other mail carriers, and inter-office correspondence pickup and delivery to county government offices and facilities. Outgoing U.S. postal mail is metered in a central mail facility. Couriers make daily stops at each department or its centralized drop location. Other services include shipping, information on mailing requirements, and tracking of accountable mail as well as tracking of departmental postage costs.