Cobb County Government

Cobb Freedom is a great voucher program for Cobb County residents age 60 and above who qualify for CobbLinc Paratransit services but live outside of the CobbLinc Paratransit service area.

We provide transportation services to eligible Cobb County residents through:

  • Fixed Routes that take seniors to the grant supported Neighborhood Centers
  • Demand Response that takes seniors by pre-scheduled appointments to destinations such as medical facilities, social services agencies, pharmacies and grocery stores.

The provision of adequate transportation allows seniors to live more independently in their communities and assists in the prevention of isolation and premature institutionalization.

Service is available Monday through Friday between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm.


  • Must be a Cobb County resident
  • Age 60+
  • Lack the necessary support to get from one destination to another
  • Must first apply for CobbLinc Paratransit service


Cobb Freedom Voucher Program

The Cobb County Department of Transportation, in partnership with Cobb Senior Services and CobbLinc, offers Cobb Freedom, a program providing vouchers (used like cash) to eligible senior citizens that are used to purchase transportation from private vendors. This self-directed care program allows the senior to manage their own care on an ongoing basis, which means that they get to go where they want when they need to.

Find out more about the Cobb Freedom Voucher Program.


Must be a Cobb County resident aged 60 or older. To find out if you are eligible for Cobb Freedom, call 770-528-7987 for details.

List of Transportation Providers [PDF]


Mobility Voucher Program

CobbLinc, in partnership with Cobb DOT, implemented a transportation program targeted for county residents between the ages of 18 and 59 who qualify for paratransit services but live outside of the service area.

Find out more about the Mobility Voucher Program.


Must be a Cobb County resident aged 18-59 and have a disabilty.