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Caregiving needs change daily. People become dependent on others. Other people suddenly find themselves in a caregiving role. People who are already providing care have new demands that affect their ability to help. Service providers may alter their programs. Thus there is always a need for information about available community services, both for caregivers and for those who need care.


Flex Spending Account for Adult Day Care

If your employer offers Fexible Spending Accounts for Dependent Care which covers child daycare, it might also cover adult day care. The IRS provides the benefit if it allows the employee to work. This is a pre-tax benefit. If the employee is financially responsible for the adult child or parent this would be a covered expense. Contact the HR department at your company or organization to learn details about this benefit.


Support Groups & Resources

Click for a listing of support groups in Cobb County.

Caregiver Academy

Aloha to Aging

Share the Care

This unique program provides In-Home Respite vouchers to family caregivers who are caring for a loved one diagnosed with Alzheimer's or related Dementia or Chronic Health conditions which severely impair their quality of life. These include Failure to Thrive, Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, COPD, End stage Renal Disease, Cancer etc., which require assistance with at least 2 activities of daily and requires a caregiver. Call 770-528-5364 for more information.


Cobb County resident and live in the same home as the care receiver.

  • Care receiver must be 60 years and older.
  • Must submit medical verification of diagnosis.
  • Sliding scale fee for services based on household income.

*Restrictions apply. To request an application or additional information call 770-528-5364


Need more information?

Do you have any questions about your role as a caregiver and what services are available to you? Please call 770-528-5364 and our Information and Referral Specialist will be happy to speak with you.