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Computer Training

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Computers 4 Seniors

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Important: Payment is by Visa or Mastercard credit card only if you register online, and you must have your personal Log-in Information card, with ID and Password, which you can get at no cost at any Senior Center.

Courses Offered

The following is a brief outline of the computer courses offered. You must have taken an introduction class or an equivalent class to take the other courses.

Introduction to PC and Windows

This is the first course. All of the other courses make the assumption that you either took this course or you know computer basics and  how to use Windows. This course offers an introduction to computer hardware, software, terminology, and general information necessary to operate your system.

Advanced Windows

Expands your understanding and skill at using the Windows operating system. With this understanding, you are better able to perform a variety of activities necessary to manage, organize, and otherwise support all the things you need to do when using the computer.

The Internet

This course introduces you to the internet, Email, Surfing the 'Net, and a variety of tools and features used to make efficient and effective use of the Internet, using multiple interface and connection.

Files & Folders

How to find "stuff" on your computer. How to organize all your stuff, so you can find it again. And that's just the beginning.

If you are just beginning to learn about the computer, you should begin your studies by taking the Introduction to PC and Windows course. It provides the basis for all other courses.

Other Special Advanced courses are:

  • MS Word (a powerful word processor)
  • MS Works (includes word processor, database & spreadsheet)
  • Family Tree Maker (a genealogy program)
  • Various Seminars such as Camera & Scanner, Facebook, Picasa and more
  • Advanced Internet  Course is updated every session to remain pertinent

These may not be available at all of the Centers. Courses are scheduled according to the volunteer instructors' availability.