Cobb County Government

Thank You to Cobb DOT


With temperatures now well above freezing, all Cobb County roads should be thawed. Cobb Department of Transportation crews continue to treat remaining isolated and shaded spots. Thank you to our DOT staff, who worked around the clock to ensure the safety of our residents.

Prior to our winter storm, crews applied 4,700 gallons of brine on bridges and public safety facilities throughout Cobb. After the snow and ice hit, crews spread 500 tons of salt and 2,000 tons of gravel.

It took a total of 2,500 tons of material to keep residents safe during Winter Storm Helena. Six cycles were completed and an estimated 4,272 miles were treated with salt/gravel. This includes 662 miles of mostly multi-lane roads and 50 miles of state routes. Many roads were treated multiple times.

Thank you Cobb residents for heeding warnings and staying safe during the storm!