Cobb County Government

Interpreter Program

interpreter2The Superior Court Interpreters Program provides interpreters to protect the rights of non-English speaking people involved as parties or witnesses in legal proceedings in the Court.


In order to ensure that every person is treated equally under the law, it is sometimes necessary to enlist the services of foreign language interpreters.  Interpreters must maintain impartiality, confidentially, accuracy and a professional demeanor. While Spanish is the most requested language, requests for interpreters can range anywhere from Vietnamese to Ukrainian.

With Atlanta's increasingly diverse population, the need for interpreters has grown dramatically. When the program began in 1990 we had 36 requests for interpreters. By 2012, the number of requests for interpreters increased to 4,593 for the year. Having this program within the court system saves the county money by allowing the court to bypass private interpreting agencies.

The Superior Court Interpreters Program maintains a list of approved court interpreters that must be either Certified or Registered with the Georgia Commission on Interpreters. For information on how to become a Certified or Registered Court Interpreter visit or download our Interpreter Application [PDF]

For additional information please contact Lisa Chao at 770-528-1820.