Cobb County Government

How to Use Cobb Commute

Cobb Commute shows users color-coded traffic speeds on major roadways and offers a look at live traffic camera feeds from around the county.

Users can also read construction updates for major projects and use filters to focus in on specific construction areas, like the Windy Hill Road corridor. Together, these features offer Cobb drivers valuable information to help ease their commutes.

Cobb Commute is powered by Geographic Information System technology and the BlueTOAD travel time monitoring system. This information comes directly from Cobb County DOT's Transportation Management Center.


Create a quick-launch Cobb Commute button on your smartphone! This creates an icon on your home screen that makes Cobb Commute easy to access on the go.

1. Open a Safari or Chrome browser
2. Enter the URL and navigate to the page

3. Press the "share" button
4. Select "add to home screen"

3. Hit the browser settings button (line of three vertical dots)
4. Select "add to home screen"

Cobb Commute quick-launch button is now on your home screen!

Screenshot of adding the quick-launch button to your smartphone Cobb

*These steps may vary based on the version/updates of your browser.