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Alternatives Analysis

altCobb County conducted the Connect Cobb/Northwest Transit Corridor study, an Alternatives Analysis to investigate transit options and their impact on mobility, livability and connectivity on Cobb Parkway/U.S. 41 and I-75.

The AA developed a recommended locally preferred alternative (LPA) that identified a high capacity transit system best suited for the corridor. The selection of the LPA involved analyzing several types of fixed guideway transit including light rail, BRT and dedicated busway.

In conjunction with the study, land use, economic development, and redevelopment opportunities were considered with emphasis on transit oriented development and transit station area planning. To complement the technical components of the AA, a robust public involvement program was implemented to ensure community and stakeholder involvement. The study began in August 2011 and was completed December 2012.

Following completion of the AA report, the Connect Cobb project advanced to an Environmental Assessment.


Alternatives Analysis Report (December 2012)

Executive Summary

Alternatives Analysis Report

Appendix A: Detailed Environmental and Cultural Analysis

Appendix B: Travel Demand Modeling and Ridership Forecasting Methodology

Appendix C: Detailed Land Use and Economic Development Analysis

Appendix D: Concept Designs and Costs

Appendix E: Public Opinion Polling

Appendix F: Potential Funding Sources Research

For more information, please contact Kristine Hansen-Dederick at 404-377-4012.


Fact Sheets


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pdf icon Nov. 15, 2011: Stakeholders Roundtable Kickoff

pdf icon Jan. 25, 2012: Partners/Technical Team

pdf icon Feb. 7, 2012: Stakeholders Roundtable

pdf icon Feb. 28, 2012: Board of Commissioners Work Session

pdf icon Sept. 11, 2012: Board of Commissioners Work Session

pdf icon Sept. 25, 2012: Board of Commissioners Work Session

pdf Oct. 2012 FTA


Additional Information

TV23 video segment on the Alternative Analysis study

Transit Rider Outreach Survey (Spring 2012) alt

College & University Online Survey (Spring 2012) alt

Initiation Package - Submittal to FTA (December 2011) pdf icon

Initiation Package - FTA Comments with CDOT responses (December 2011) pdf icon

Economic Roundtable pdf icon

Environmental Roundtable pdf icon

Financial Roundtable pdf icon

Landuse Roundtable pdf icon

Transportation Roundtable pdf icon