Cobb County Government

Project Specifics

Windy Hill West Project E4030

Estimated Cost: $14,780,000

Project length: 0.74 miles

This existing 5-lane section of roadway has a center left turn lane with a high accident rate.  Traffic crashes in this section have increased as motorists attempt to cut in and across the two way center left turn lane.  This project will add a median and an additional west and east bound lane.  Existing sidewalks will be replaced.


Windy Hill East Project E4020

Estimated Cost: $1,500,000

Project length: 0.17 miles

This 5-lane roadway has a center left turn lane.  This project will add a median and reconfigure the existing 6 lanes into 3 lanes in each direction. 


Windy Hill East End Project D4230

Estimated Cost: $6,950,000

Project length: 0.29 miles

This project adds a west bound lane only. This lane addition will decrease traffic congestion. The sidewalks on the west bound side will be replaced.


Windy Hill DDI Project E4100

Estimated Cost: $20.0 M 

Project length: 0.33 miles

Construction of a Diverging Diamond Interchange will decrease traffic congestion and accident rates at the ramp intersections by decreasing the conflict points.  Congestion during construction is expected.  When completed, motorists will no longer be able to turn right onto Interstate North Parkway (west side). 


Windy Hill Road at U.S. 41 Project E3030

Estimated Cost: $5.7 M

Project length: 0.42 miles 

The intersection of SR3/US 41/Cobb Parkway and Windy Hill Road/CR 1720 has an unacceptable level of service in the peak hours.  Improvements include the addition of dual-left turn lanes on the north and south legs of Cobb Parkway, lengthening the existing dual-lefts and adding a right turn lane on the west leg of Windy Hill  Road, the addition of a third northbound lane on Cobb Parkway.  Additionally, space for future queue jumper lanes will improve service times for transit vehicles at the signal.  All new traffic signal equipment and pedestrian accommodations will also be included.