Cobb County Government

Sidewalk Policy

Cobb County is committed to providing sidewalks on (at least) one side of major roadways and thoroughfares across the County. Sidewalks keep communities healthy by providing safety, mobility and accessibility benefits to citizens. Using limited funding, Cobb County prioritizes sidewalk placement in areas that are:

sidewalk district1 sidewalk district2

  • In close proximity to schools
  • In close proximity to trailheads
  • Near park and high activity areas
  • In support of public transit
  • Cost effective
Can I Get Sidewalks In My Neighborhood?

Currently, Cobb County requires all developers to install sidewalks in new-build developments. Typically, the cost of new sidewalks is absorbed, by the homeowner, in the cost of the new home.

But not every neighborhood in Cobb County, due to location or age, have sidewalks or sidewalk access. There are several options available to residents who wish to consider installing sidewalks.

Step One: Present a Request for Creation of a Sidewalk District 

Any property owner may begin the process by presenting a request for the creation of a Sidewalk District to the Cobb County Department of Transportation (CCDOT). This request allows the members/homeowners of that community, provided they meet the required conditions of Sec. 106-111, the possible option to finance the cost of sidewalk construction if all other subsequent provisions are met.

Step Two: Boundary Determination 

Once the request is received, the CCDOT will determine the boundaries of the proposed Sidewalk District. This information will be provided to the applicant requesting the Sidewalk District.

Step Three: Petition for Approval

Once boundaries and cost estimates are determined for the proposed Sidewalk District, the applicant will be required to distribute the information among neighboring lot owners of the proposed district. If at least 75 percent of lot owners approve its creation, and there is no request for a public hearing about the proposed Sidewalk District, the Board of Commissioners can take action to approve creation of the District.

Step Four: Division of Cost

Each property owner in the newly created Sidewalk District will be assessed a share of the cost, divided among all lots in the District, which can be paid in through County financing or Community Financing.

  • Option One, County Financing - Each property owner may pay their assessed portion in one of three ways: by cash, ad valorem property tax installments, or five equal annual installments.
  • Option Two, Community Financing – The community may raise the total cost of the sidewalk project.

Read the Full Ordinance

Sidewalk Code of Ordinance

For questions regarding this sidewalk code of ordinance, contact the Department of Transportation at (770) 528-1600 or email

Maintenance of Sidewalks

Cobb DOT will be responsible for perpetual maintenance of the sidewalks.