Cobb County Government

I-75 at Third Army Road Interchange

Project Numbers: D4260 

Commission District: District 1 

Project Description: The purpose of this project is to provide safety and operational improvements, and reduce traffic congestion on those roads that feed traffic from northern Paulding County, Southern Bartow County and northwest Cobb County to and from I-75.

Currently, commuters use US 41 and SR 92 predominately to gain access to the interstate system. SR 92 crosses Lake Allatoona and goes through historic Acworth.  It would be difficult to widen SR 92 to accommodate this traffic.  Due to congestion along these corridors, commuters are taking alternative routes to gain access to the interstate including perceived short cuts through communities.  This has created safety and operations issues as well as congestion on facilities that were not designed to accommodate this degree of traffic. 

The Third Army Road project will address these issues by creating an access controlled roadway between US 41 and a new interchange on I-75 that basically follows the existing Third Army Road, hence the name of the project.  This new facility will provide direct access to the area as described above with the new interchange on I-75. A grade separated interchange with US 41 is also being considered to further alleviate potential congestion on US 41. 

Since the Public Meeting which occurred on March 28, 2013, the concept has been reduced to reduce costs.  The concept attachments below are of the reduced concept.

Project Schedule: Currently, only the scoping phase is underway with a duration of approximately 18 months.  The deliverables of this phase consists of an approved Environmental document and approved concept.  Upon completion of this Phase, construction plans will be prepared and the project let to construction.  If funding is located, it is anticipated that construction will begin by 2018 and will take two years to complete construction. 

Project Manager Information: For additional information on this project, please contact Cobb DOT at 770-528-1621. 

Project Downloads:

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