Cobb County Government

South Cobb Aquatic Center

south cobb aquatic center875 Riverside Parkway
Austell, GA 30168

(770) 739-3180

Facility Coordinator: Mr. Kristian Humphries

Facility Programmer: Jabir Bashir


To apply for a job as a Lifeguard or Swim Instructor - Click here

Thanksgiving Week
November 20 , 2018 - November 24, 2018

Open Swim         11:00 am - 4:00 pm


Patrons will be asked to exit the water 15 minutes prior to the end of Open Swim in order to clear and clean the facility.
Click here to see swim attire 

  South Cobb Swim Lessons
Winter Swim Lesson Registration - January 4th (Thursday) at 6:00 pm

Starting January 1, 2018 Cobb County PARKS will transition to a NEW Registration System called CivicRec  

On December 26, 2017 a link will be available to log into CivicRec using your email address that was used in the previous registration system (Active Net)  

Accounts from Active Net that were active (used since 2016) will be transferred into our New System (CivicRec). If you did not have an account or it was not active since 2016 you will need to create a new account.  Those individuals who's accounts transfer into CivicRec will need to reset there password prior to using CivicRec (just click on forgot password and proceed with the email address associated to the account and you will be able to assign a new password for CivicRec).  If an account does not transfer into CivicRec or you need to create a new account you will also be able to do so with the link that will be provided on December 26, 2017.

NOTE: Private Swim Lessons are available - Please contact the facility for more information 
Download Private Swim Lesson information form

American Red Crossamerican red cross. Lifeguard Training Program 

Come join our next class in December 2017
Download the Lifeguard Training Class Schedule here  

South Cobb Aquatic Center offers a program to train participants to be safe and effective professional lifeguards. For more information, call 770-739-3180.

We are always having fun at the South Cobb Aquatic Center!!!!

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Schedule your child's next birthday party with us!!!! All swimmers and non-swimmers must pay daily admission fees.

South Cobb Aquatic Center Pool Schedule

Winter Schedule November 12, 2017 -  Febuary 10, 2018

Lap Swim
Monday - Friday 11am - 2pm

Open Swim
Monday - Friday 2pm - 4pm
Saturday - Sunday 12pm - 5pm


Proper swim attire required (SWIM TRUNKS AND SWIM SUITS ONLY)

Patrons will be asked to exit the water 15 minutes prior to the end of Open Swim in order to clear and clean the facility.

Note: We cannot accommodate groups, camps and public of 10 or more during public swim hours unless they have reserved a swim time.


South Cobb Aquatic Center Closings

November 23, 2017
November 29, 2017 
November 30, 2017
December   1, 2017

Cobb County Aquatic Center Swim Wear Policy 

South Cobb Aquatic Center

An adult (over 18) must accompany all children under the age of 12.

Children under the age of 5 must be accompanied INTO the water by an ADULT.

The Aquatic Center reserves the right to change these hours with two weeks notice. Please check at the front desk or call
(770) 739-3180 for schedule changes.

All swimmers MUST wear proper swim attire. Swim trunks and swim suits are required only. Shirts are permitted over swim suits.  (NO basketball shorts or athletic wear will be permitted)

All swimmers MUST shower before entering the pool

All patrons must pay a daily fee in order to enter the natatorium (this includes Swimmers & Non Swimmers)

Payment must be made by cash or charge (Visa or MasterCard) upon purchase. A valid driver's license MUST be presented for all credit card purchases.


Aquarobics at South Cobb Aquatic Center

Are you looking for a fun way to get into shape, while using the qualities of water? Buoyancy enables one to do aerobic exercise with minimum strain. Resistance of the water helps tone muscles and quickly build endurance. Movement of the joints is greatly improved in the water, making aquarobics an excellent program for those with arthritis, back problems or other medical conditions.

Aquarobics Classes

The morning aquarobics class meets from 10:00am-10:50am. This class meets daily Monday - Friday. The evening aquarobics class meets from 6:00pm-6:50pm on M/W. This class is held two days a week Monday and Wednesday. For information regarding aquarobics, contact us at (770) 739-3180.


Shallow water workout - Low impact, mid to high intensity to get blood flowing. A good aerobic workout with muscle toning.

Deep water workout - Enjoy a deep water workout that has no impact on the joints, yet high intensity to burn calories...very cardiovascular...add a little body sculpting and you have a total body workout.


Adults - $4.50 per class
Seniors - $2.00 per class
Passes may be purchased for Cobb County Residents 

Download a registration form and waiver here